Sustainable Harvest

Sustainable Harvest – The Mission

The mission of sustainable harvest is to preserve the environment by joining of families to improve their well-being through farming that is sustainable. Our aim is to improve and empower the low-income farmers and in the process build a strong self-supporting community through business in agriculture.

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Such farmers are unable to provide their family the basic needs of dialing living like food and a modest income to be able to survive. As the farmers, are unable to even receive formal education and as they are not sure how and where to earn money from, they continue to burn and cut agriculture.

AMS – Agricultural Marketing Service, an agency of the USDA.

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, (APHIS) – An agency of the USDA.

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In the developing world, one just cannot believe the staggering amount of those living in poverty. An estimate of three point one million people is below the poverty line, also, an estimate of seventy per cent who go hungry live in rural areas. This is where the business of sustainable Harvest comes in.

American farmers owe their ability to produce large yields to a number of factors. Today, about 150,000 American farmers produce most of our food and fiber.

Sustainable Harvest – The Mission

How do they do what we do?

There is a five-phase system which we follow and so let us, in brief, discuss each one:

  • Family selection and planning: to accomplish our mission Sustainable Harvest works with families, communities, and individuals for an average of five years and by using a five-phase approach which was mentioned earlier. Each family that chooses to take part in our program receive regular assistance  from their field trainer With continuous planning  and achieving goals the graduate can move to the next phase. However, they must prove that they are ready for the job assigned.

  • Introduction to sustainable food and improved nutrition: in this phase, we learn how to find ways to improve the produce and how one is made accountable for the food that they have to handle. Nutrition understanding is very important for the family but also for the community.

  • Introduction to the environment and business: In this phase, one can easily see that this is a slow process of continuous learning as to how we have to manage the environment because through this our business depends on.


  • Strengthening small business entrepreneurs: In this phase, we help the small business holders to improve their business by innovation.

Community leadership and graduation: The last phase is most exciting as it makes one graduate and that means leadership qualities have been inculcated during the earlier four phases.

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